UK Tribunal Fees U-Turn

The United Kingdom embarked on an interesting social experiment in 2013 and began to require an administrative fee from anyone filing a claim through an employment tribunal. For those unfamiliar with the UK’s employment laws, the employment tribunals are where individuals file claims that generally seek compensation for unfair or unlawful employment experiences against a current or previous employer. The [...]

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TGC Leadership Development Programs

TGC’s focus on pragmatic support for organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals has led to the development of our core Leadership Forum curriculum of courses. The core curriculum of five modules (Finding Opportunity in Conflict; Effective Performance Conversations; Respectful Workplace; Trust and Engagement; Selecting for Success) provides thoughtful partnership and guidance through these critical workplace concepts. In addition, we offer bespoke/customized [...]

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TGC News

2017 has been a remarkable year for us thus far, and shows no signs of slowing down.  We’ve done leadership training and team building globally, including in the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and extensively throughout the United States.  Our own work, and the work we do in concert with our key partners (Alliance Leadership, Ask For It, Lehman Coaching, [...]

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