TG Consultancy works with Senior Business Leaders to Deliver HR Expertise

Since 2013, TG Consultancy has built strong partnerships with organizations and teams headquartered in countries across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, Brazil, and Australia. Informed by a 30-year career in HR stewardship across a variety of industries, founder Thomas Giles brings his pragmatic expertise and insights to bear through an independent consultancy that listens carefully to clients’ requirements, developing customized people solutions that drive engagement and business results.

Through our worldwide network of consultants, we work closely with senior business leaders to develop customized strategies that maximize an organization’s ability to energize and focus individuals and teams, reaching goals quickly and managing change with little effect on daily productivity. With experience in workplaces throughout the world, we support international businesses by sharing global trends and best practices, guidance within local markets, and navigation through country-specific HR legislation. From fast-growing newer enterprises to large-scale multinationals, our clientele demonstrates a strong and versatile track record across a variety of industry areas.

The Right Company. The Right Solution.

Change management and employee engagement have never been more important as critical levers to help navigate and succeed in the current global environment.

We Hear Your Concerns

We listen to your objectives, then propose a suitable solution.


We understand that only if we truly understand your objectives can we collaborate to make your goals a reality.

You Know Your Business

You know exactly where you want your business to go and how fast.


Our success is based on understanding what you want from your business and facilitating the success of an engaged workforce.

We Understand Your Goal

Your goal is to have a successful business; our goal is to get you there.


Our goal is to build trust with our clients while helping them accomplish their goals.

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