2017 has been a remarkable year for us thus far, and shows no signs of slowing down.  We’ve done leadership training and team building globally, including in the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and extensively throughout the United States.  Our own work, and the work we do in concert with our key partners (Alliance Leadership, Ask For It, Lehman Coaching, The Engagement Coach) continue to provide fascinating opportunities to support leaders and their teams in their professional growth and focus on trust and engagement.

This fall we’ve formalized our portfolio of training programs for leaders and aspiring trainers, which you can learn more about on our website at this link.  These courses are tailored for small to medium sized organizations, and offer an affordable and comprehensive experience for new and experienced managers on a variety of important workplace topics.  They complement our existing exit interview service and our new 360 Feeedback tool.

We’ve also commenced extensive research on the topic of workplace incivility, and the concept of genuine kindness as a strategic lever for leaders and their teams to drive engagement and achievement.  Some initial thoughts on this subject can be found in this newsletter, with more to follow.

Finally, I want to say thank you and acknowledge the amazing work and partnership TGC has received from Ruthann Wright.  Ruthann played a big role in getting this organization going, and has been the face of our exit interview and assessment services.  Ruthann has made the decision to move to a new role near her home in Massachusetts.   Paige Lehman and Fiona Booker, affiliate consultants for TGC in Florida and Adelaide, Australia, will be managing the services Ruthann provided going forward, and reaching out to clients shortly to say hello and introduce themselves.

TGC just celebrated its fourth anniversary.  It has been a spectacular ride, and we look forward to the adventures ahead.  Thank you to our clients, and to the members of the TGC team across the globe!


Tom Giles

Founder and Managing Director