Protecting Your Workforce and Keeping Your Workplace Safe

Now that the World Health Organization has officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic, organizations have to consider how they can contribute to minimizing infection and preventing their workplace from becoming a nexus of contagion. Most importantly, taking action is a moral imperative in a time of emergency, but it is also a way of mitigating the financial toll on businesses—and a [...]

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The Trouble with Epidemics

COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, is a real epidemic by medical standards and may become a pandemic over time. The problem requires the immediate attention and cooperation of global leaders and health organizations. With its prevalence in the news cycle and its effect on economic markets, however, you would think that we were all on the brink of annihilation. [...]

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We Are Not Innately Cruel or Kind

Forbes senior contributor Kathy Caprino provides an instructive list of damaging managerial behaviors in her recent article “If You’re Engaging in Any of These Actions, You Shouldn’t Be a Manager.” The title, however, suggests that the destructive behaviors in her checklist are incorrigible—that is, if you’re engaging in any of them, you should be dismissed or never attempt to be [...]

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