The Misguided Stigma of Kindness

In personal relationships, kindness is one of the attributes we actively seek; it strengthens bonds and signals authenticity. Pursuing friendships for their kindness feels perfectly natural. We wouldn’t want to share experiences with people who aren’t kind—doing so would hurt us, and what’s more, it would be a waste of valuable time. In environments such as the workplace, however, “kindness” [...]

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What Self-Awareness Isn’t

In our last blog, I discussed the personal benefits of monitoring and correcting our own behavior in the workplace, illustrating ways in which a program of self-management can maximize insights gained through self-awareness. I now want to take a step back and examine the substantive elements of self-awareness in the workplace. Simply saying, “I’m aware of what I’m doing,” is [...]

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Self-Management as Self-Interest

In the Harvard Business Review article “How to Move from Self-Awareness to Self-Improvement,” Jennifer Porter describes a client who dominated and consumed meetings with his input. He rarely listened, and in his anxiety to have his ideas heard, he couldn’t resist having a captive audience. This counterproductive trait did not stem from a pure lack of self-awareness; he’d received feedback [...]

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