Self-Management as Self-Interest

In the Harvard Business Review article “How to Move from Self-Awareness to Self-Improvement,” Jennifer Porter describes a client who dominated and consumed meetings with his input. He rarely listened, and in his anxiety to have his ideas heard, he couldn’t resist having a captive audience. This counterproductive trait did not stem from a pure lack of self-awareness; he’d received feedback [...]

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In Defense of the Set Schedule

“Working nights, weekends, and holidays may be required … Overtime is often required (sometimes on very short notice) … Work schedules are subject to change without notice.” —Amazon job application quoted in The Atlantic If you think set schedules are a thing of the past or unnatural in today’s economy, try squaring that state off affairs with the demands of [...]

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A Guiding Principle

I recently was in New York City on business and took advantage of a beautiful early Friday morning to walk from where I was staying, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and into Manhattan. As I approached the Manhattan side, a familiar landmark appeared: the Municipal Building. It was within this building, during an internship with the Department of General Services in [...]

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