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We Are Not Innately Cruel or Kind

Forbes senior contributor Kathy Caprino provides an instructive list of damaging managerial behaviors in her recent article “If You’re Engaging in Any of These Actions, You Shouldn’t Be a Manager.” The title, however, suggests that the destructive behaviors in her checklist are incorrigible—that is, if you’re engaging in any of them, you should be dismissed or never attempt to be [...]

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A Simple Hello

Many managers reported that communicating appreciation seemed really complicated. Some had trouble balancing it with developmental feedback and feared sending mixed messages to employees. Some were concerned that their efforts to offer appreciation to all employees would be routinized and seen as impersonal and meaningless. — Kerry Roberts Gibson, Kate O’Leary, and Joseph R. Weintraub As a manager, do you [...]

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The Misguided Stigma of Kindness

In personal relationships, kindness is one of the attributes we actively seek; it strengthens bonds and signals authenticity. Pursuing friendships for their kindness feels perfectly natural. We wouldn’t want to share experiences with people who aren’t kind—doing so would hurt us, and what’s more, it would be a waste of valuable time. In environments such as the workplace, however, “kindness” [...]

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