“People were leaving Piedmont, and we didn’t know why. Our exit interview process was kind of scattershot, and I didn’t have a place to gather the data. I was getting the basic information, but I wasn’t able to do anything with it. TGC not only provided the exit interview service, they also took the data, analyzed it—and not just reported back, but also made excellent recommendations.”

—Suzanne Awn, Director of Human Resources, Piedmont Plastics

Why should organizations focus more on exit interviews?

Too often, exit interviews are a perfunctory process or an afterthought, representing a huge missed opportunity for employers. Employees are one of the most valuable and potentially costly resources in any industry, and they remain valuable even at the point of departure from an organization. If workers leave for uncertain reasons, critical business intelligence leaves with them. And in most cases, departing workers want to be heard.

Exiting employees are unfettered, and as a result, they speak more honestly and respectfully about their experience at work. A well-developed interview service offers a great way to get more valuable feedback and harness that wisdom.

A properly executed and analyzed exit interview process can often reveal and explain patterns of departure in the workforce. Over the years, TGC clients have found that our specialized, customized exit interview service yields surprising and actionable findings, contradicting mistaken assumptions and facilitating informed decisions.

What advantages does TGC’s exit interview service offer?

TGC is a neutral third party. Regardless of how sensitive and unbiased your in-house HR department might be, workers are more likely to give honest and nuanced responses to questions when asked by experienced interviewers who are not employed by your organization.

Suzanne Awn, HR Director at Piedmont Plastics—a TGC client since 2014—confirms this: “Having an external party do the interviews means that they are one step removed, and this allows the interviewee to feel more comfortable to speak openly. Because I’m part of the company, they might not feel as comfortable talking to me.”

In addition, HR managers who are deeply familiar with their own workplace inevitably hold assumptions that can skew or cloud an accurate interpretation of exit interview data. TGC offers fresh perspectives informed and enriched by thirty years of experience in HR stewardship across a variety of industries.

TGC collaborates with the organization to customize the exit interview process. We work in partnership with leadership to determine the questions asked, data collected, and recommendations made. Sadly, many third-party exit interviewers don’t take the time to understand the client’s culture and workplace challenges, and the service remains boilerplate, making the results potentially irrelevant to the company’s specific situation and mission goals.

TGC offers a better alternative to larger vendors of exit interviews. If you hire a large, mechanized third-party service, it won’t have the flexibility that TGC exercises in customizing questionnaires directly relevant to your organization’s unique culture. Without a deep understanding of your workplace culture, interviewers will only ask canned questions, and as a result, the organizations will wind up with minimal data and less actionable information.

TGC’s interviewers are familiar with the clients and always pursue meaningful responses. The interviewers themselves have experience in communicating professionally and sensitively with employees, while at the same time understanding the goals and information that need to be gained through the exit interview process.

Paige Lehman, an associate at TGC, manages the exit interview service. “Our clients appreciate the thoughtful probing that we do in our interviews, because we don’t just let something go after asking the initial question,” she says. “They really like the level of detail we give to them. We’re listening to what’s not being said, which gives us the opportunity to clarify and ask for examples that may reveal more.”

TGC offers expert recommendations based on data analysis, leading to decreased turnover and improved workplace morale. The data emerging from an exit interview process can paint a picture of workplace conditions, but without experienced guidance and close cooperation to follow up, organizations often don’t know which actions to take in response. TGC provides this guidance in multiple deliverables over the course of the year, with a frequency tailored to the organization’s specific needs and goals. These reports offer the data you require, providing thorough statistics on selected issues with comments from interviews that best illustrate strengths and opportunities.

Our reports also provide expert recommendations to help reorganize priorities and measurably reduce turnover. Equally important, we underscore what an organization is doing well. Working with TGC not only helps reveal opportunities for growth but also affirms what’s already good. Our feedback can validate your impressions and the direction you’re taking in employment practices.

Through strategic data collection and appropriate responses, the critical moment of an employee’s departure can give rise to the wisdom that shapes and strengthens your workplace in the future. TGC guides the way with our customized exit interview service.

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