TGC welcomes our newest affiliate consultant, Deb Gordon. Deb is an accomplished HR leader with over 20 years of executive coaching and organizational development experience in industries ranging from technology to health care to financial services. Deb will work with TGC to help define client programs and services that focus on individual leadership performance and team effectiveness.

Deb has a natural affinity with the goals and demands of managers in the most dynamic business environments, having come from that background herself, including her tenure at Intel in the ‘90s, a tumultuous period of rapid ascendancy for the microprocessor giant. While at Intel, she shifted from a line business role to HR, based on her passion and interest in leadership, career coaching, and change management, but her professional start will always provide unique insight into the concerns of any manager she coaches. “It gives me the perspective of being able to connect better with the managers of organizations,” Deb adds, “because I’m intrinsically curious about how they do things and how things work.”

Deb and TGC Founder Thomas Giles met while they worked in HR together at Blue Shield. Over time, they discovered they had similar goals and interests in the HR field as well as complementary working styles that energized and strengthened their partnership. Nearly ten years later, a familiarity with each other’s strengths has developed into a working relationship based on trust. “We know enough about each other that we’re able to tap into one another’s experience, which has led to very positive client experiences,” Deb affirms. Thomas further adds, “Deb loyally devotes herself to those she works with, leveraging a deep knowledge of OD and coaching. Her talents are a natural fit for our team and create expanded possibilities for our clients.”