Project Description

Project Brief

Piedmont Plastics is one of the largest North American distributors and converters of plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film products, with 40 branches throughout the U.S. Director of Human Resources Suzanne Awn enlisted TGC to help them create a better exit interview process.

The Challenge

Piedmont needed an exit interview tailored to their specific culture that could keep up with staff changes in a 630-employee organization, collecting relevant information that could help identify problems and inform future plans for the organization.

The Solution

Through careful consultation with leadership at Piedmont, TGC constructed a customized exit interview that specifically addressed the needs and concerns of their organization, avoiding boilerplate survey questions typically used by larger vendors. In addition to amassing pure data, TGC provided analyses of interview results that helped respond directly to Piedmont’s staffing goals.

In the end, TGC’s acuity, flexibility, and genuine interest in Piedmont produced critical insights for Awn and her organization: “They’re exactly the things that we wanted to know.”

Suzanne Awn, Director of Human Resources

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