Project Description

Project Brief

Dr. Carvel Tefft is Vice President of Medical Services at Hill Physicians Medical Group, Northern California’s largest independent medical group, with more than 3,800 doctors. Prior to this, his administrative roles were limited to overseeing individual hospitals, and he engaged TGC to help him with personal leadership development.

The Challenge

In his new position, Dr. Tefft faced a far greater size and scope of leadership responsibilities than he had ever experienced. Unlike hospital administration, Hill Physicians encompasses the whole of health care, and after being rapidly promoted, Dr. Tefft needed to orient himself and find ways in which he could communicate effectively with various teams that had disparate goals.

The Solution

Through a series of coaching sessions, Thomas Giles of TGC worked with Dr. Tefft to find responses to his professional challenges that made sense in the context of his new position, his skills set, and his own personal goals. In particular, they developed a direct report regimen that improved team focus and drive, leading to positive recognition by Hill Physicians’ CEO.

Throughout the entire process, Giles guided Tefft, but remained receptive to the doctor’s goals and concerns: “Through a give-and-take,” Tefft affirms, “Tom allowed me to come up with answers that made sense to both of us.”

Dr. Carvel Tefft, PriMed Management Services Organization

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