Project Description

Project Brief

Based in the UK, Caesars Entertainment EMEA is one of the largest gaming and entertainment corporations in the world, with locations throughout the UK, South Africa, and Egypt. Caesars HR Business Partner Natalie Lopez engaged TGC to help improve her organization’s succession planning.

The Challenge

Succession planning within the unique workplace culture at Caesars proved difficult. Internal recruits promoted to people management positions lacked the training and support they needed.

The Solution

Through a series of seminars, TGC developed middle management talent with the aid of StrengthsFinder principles, helping recruits to develop concrete self-awareness and realign existing abilities to enhance their effectiveness with the teams they led.

Giles has thus far conducted three seminars for Caesars’ management teams. “It was in a language that our managers could understand,” Lopez recalls, “demonstrating ways to take concrete actions that would give management some self-awareness of what a leader can be. Tom’s approach was down-to-earth, simple, but very meaningful. We always tend to use language that divides everything into strengths and weaknesses, but Tom’s method focused instead on how you can use what you already have in a different way.”

Natalie Lopez, Caesars Entertainment | HR Business Partner

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