TGC works with teams not only to align and engage them around a common goal, but also to clarify individual roles within a team. Our team building activities focus on respectful interactions that aim to maintain perfect visibility with respect to goals and responsibilities. Team leaders are trained and encouraged to mentor members, norming and modeling the work required to reach success within the organization. And team members are brought to a deeper understanding of their unique value, the importance of other team members’ work, and the ways in which individual skills and accomplishments combine to buttress the success of the team.

There is much more to team building than having a softball game or picnic now and then. Spirited team events can be critical for building morale, as well as establishing a functional comfort level among team members. But if these activities occur without relating them to work goals and the importance of each individual’s role within the team, they might not translate into higher performance levels and deeper engagement in the workplace. Team building requires a careful balance between recognizing the value of each member and understanding the work of the team as it functions within the organization on the whole. Striking this balance depends on transparency and clear communication.

Whatever your team’s charter and focus, open channels of communication and the full understanding of goals and roles will always be necessary in order for your group to become a vital link in the organizational chain. People perform better and more willingly when they fully understand their own importance to the overall mission. TGC designs leadership retreats, town hall meetings, and team building sessions that overcome individual and group disconnection, fostering mutual recognition that supports team performance and success.