To be successful, all businesses need to maximize the human capital within the workplace in order to maximize the organization’s effectiveness. The TGC team works around the four core services areas of organizational effectiveness, change management, leadership development and employee engagement. Our HR strategies draw upon expertise across a number of service areas in order to deliver a comprehensive human capital transformation program.


Conflicts in the workplace are not resolved by simply avoiding confrontation or assuming the issue will dissipate over time without intervention. Even though conflict can disrupt productivity and lead to emotional flash points, it can also be seen as a vital indicator of critical issues. Our course helps individuals and teams to recognize styles of interaction that may enable and inhibit conflict resolution, helping those involved in conflict to switch to open-ended questioning that will lead to mutual understanding and authentic reconciliation. What’s more, our workshop enables participants to view conflict as a potential opportunity for strengthening collaboration and embracing innovative methods of communication that can forestall future conflicts.

Workshop Duration:            5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20

Even the most stellar employees have room for improvement, and engaged team members want to grow and develop professionally with the guidance of a good manager. Well-planned and skillfully executed performance conversations provide an excellent tool for cultivating and retaining great talent. Unfortunately, however, many performance conversations do not start from a place of thorough preparation and objective feedback—and instead of achieving their intended goals, they actually cause confusion, disengagement, or interpersonal conflict. TGC’s Effective Performance Conversations workshop will prepare participants to formulate questions and input that foster employee buy-in and focus on positively changing behaviors rather than judging people. Leave this course feeling confident in your ability to collaborate with your reports on implementing specific, measurable, achievable goals that translate into increased productivity and morale for your organization.

Workshop Duration: 5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20

Maintaining a reciprocally respectful workplace is essential for ensuring maximum productivity, fostering team morale, cultivating individual professional development, and maintaining legal compliance. We know what lack of respect feels like, but it’s harder to set clear workplace parameters and goals to foster respect in all aspects of business. TGC’s Respectful Workplace workshop uses a varied and interactive model to ensure that participants leave with a clear definition of a respectful workplace and its characteristics as well as an understanding of its integral value to all aspects of their organization. Topics include setting rules of engagement and implementing a personal plan of action to create or maintain a respectful workplace—or to correct course when an existing culture is less than optimal.

This course also satisfies the California requirement for regular management training on sexual harassment.

Workshop Duration:            3 hours

Participant Size:                     6 – 20

Employee engagement is critical for an organization’s ability to retain talent and avoid costly disruptions in staff turnover, and at the foundation of an engaged workforce is trust. Trust encompasses the reassuring beliefs among employees that an organization will communicate openly, respect differences, understand varying perspectives, foreground safety, and approach goals with transparency and consistent focus. TGC’s day-long workshop helps participants strengthen the elements of trust that will keep a workforce engaged: self-awareness, mutual understanding, accountability measures, and assured, articulated relevance. With our nuanced, practical approach to trust in the workplace, leaders can discover trust-building tools that will dispel feelings of anonymity and dissatisfaction among employees, boosting engagement overall within their organizations.

Workshop Duration:             5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20

Hiring new employees represents a tremendous expenditure of time and resources on the part of an organization. An excellent hire repays that investment many-fold, while making poor hiring decisions can have protracted negative consequences for the employee’s immediate coworkers and supervisor, as well as the organization as a whole. This team-based TGC workshop makes ample use of collaborative work sessions and role playing to help participants define organizational fit, identify critical success factors, implement selection processes both legally and respectfully, make use of behavioral interview protocols, ensure that interview questions are strongly crafted to reveal the most relevant qualities of prospective candidates, and more. Leave feeling confident about your ability to handle the selection process, from posting vacancies to conducting interviews to informing candidates of the outcome.

Workshop Duration:            5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20

TGC’s Effective Training workshop is three-fold: understanding the adult learner, enhancing instructional design and facilitation, and measuring the efficacy of training. Combining multi-media presentations and group exercises, this day-long train the trainer course will direct participants toward an understanding of the self-motivated, independent, and pragmatic adult learner, designing training modules and techniques that work best with employees who expect reciprocation, precision, and validation. In addition, we explore ways to measure the effectiveness of training, including increased productivity and sales revenue, workplace behavior modification, acquisition of skills and knowledge, and the receptiveness to training participants’ feedback.

Workshop Duration:            5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20

Resilience in the face of uncertainty helps individuals find opportunities in unexpected changes. As leaders, these individuals can also guide teams within an organization toward greater efficiency, innovation, and versatility.

Using the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire, participants in this course will discover their unsuspected strengths as well as new skills and strategies that will dramatically build comfort levels in the midst of change. Presentations and group activities focus on balancing self-awareness and audacity, leading participants toward a view of constant change as an open field of opportunity.

Workshop Duration:            5 hours

Participant Size:                     8 – 20


  • Myers Briggs/MBTI Step I and II

  • Gallup StrengthsFinders

  • EQ-I/Emotional Intelligence

  • Executive Dimensions and Benchmark 360 Feedback Tools through Center for Creative Leadership

  • Sales and Managerial Behavior Assessment Tools through Chally

  • DiSC

* TGC has extensive experience in StrengthsFinders and DiSC.

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