If you Google “leadership training,” you will be inundated with vendors and options, all claiming to propel your managers to the next level in their careers through their generalized classes, webinars, and reference materials. At TGC, we believe valuable, effective leadership training starts with understanding the needs and aspirations of your organization’s leaders and your specific business requirements. From this perspective, we design customized learning solutions to support the professional development and efficacy of leaders and individual contributors throughout a client’s organization.

We target the competencies required in your unique position at this point in time as they align with your organization’s particular goals. Identifying what makes a strong leader within these parameters is a large part of leadership development: Are you launching a new product? Are you reorganizing team priorities? Are you developing a new marketing strategy? Given these goals, what kind of personal adaptations are necessary, and which strengths that you already have should be foregrounded and exploited? TGC partners with leaders to construct a relevant program focusing on self-awareness and strategies for instilling reliable habits of effective leadership that directly confront your particular challenges.

TGC’s Leadership Forum offers a suite of leadership training topics that can be relevantly designed to meet your organization’s unique definition of effective leadership. Topics include:

  • Behavioral interviewing that leads more directly toward the acquisition of relevant talent
  • Managing critical conversations that need to be executed with compassion and timeliness
  • Implementing performance feedback schedules that measure progress accurately
  • Conflict resolution
  • Structuring workplace environments that foster respect, clarity, and open communication

From building self-awareness to measuring the results of implemented changes, TGC guides leaders toward a consistent fulfillment of goals and expectations needed for success within a dynamic, growing organization.

Learn more about our Leadership Forum topics, or contact us directly to see how we can help you achieve your professional development objectives.