TGC offers culturally sensitive approaches to measuring and evaluating engagement in your organization’s workplace. With these analyses, we will help your organization bolster engagement and overcome challenges to momentum and clarity. We work with clients to develop customized survey statements and use our proprietary “positivity rating” to help leaders and teams see where their collective areas of strength and opportunity exist. Our consultants not only provide clients with useful data, we also support the communication and use of the data to refine employee and leadership activities across the enterprise.

Changes in the global workplace often present a daunting scenario to today’s workforce. Understanding employee concerns, measuring the level of team engagement, and using that data to revise and develop talent strategies helps any organization achieve and maintain the distinction of being an employer of choice in a competitive labor market. Equally important, an engaged workforce drives productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. TGC’s tailored engagement assignments ensure that the critical relationships between leaders and team members are strengthened, while providing individuals a voice and conduit to express their observations and share their recommendations.