Multidirectional feedback is one of the greatest resources available to us, and yet many individuals rely exclusively on the comments of their manager or other internal supporters. TGC offers a comprehensive 360-degree feedback approach that affords participants the ability to fully understand their organizational impact.

With 360 participants, we develop a feedback rater list from a composite of external sources: direct reports, supervisors, peers, and clients. In addition and of equal importance, each participant completes a self-evaluation to compare their self-perceptions with the feedback from others. How you understand your performance adds value and meaning to the impressions others have of you: Is there significant contrast between them, and if so, what accounts for these discrepancies? Are supervisors and subordinates offering distinctly different reviews of your performance, and if so, where does your self-evaluation sit in relation to these different impressions? This strategy creates a matrix of feedback that can offset individual biases and directly confront your valuable position in the dynamic system of the organization.

We work with you to construct personally and organizationally relevant statements, customized not only to your individual situation, but also to the various reviewers who will be participating in the evaluation, depending on their roles and their relations to your position. In order to make sense of the variety of feedback from different sources, TGC also provides assimilated reports of the critical data amassed through your personalized suite of reviews, highlighting strengths and opportunities for growth. We help sort through the daunting variables of the reviews, assembling a clear portrait of your performance that will lead you to greater success within your organization.