TGC works closely with leaders to design exit interviews that are directly relevant to your specific organization. Whether you are concerned with high turnover rates, team member morale and engagement, difficulties in communicating action items, or managerial styles, our carefully constructed, customized exit interviews will highlight issues that require urgent attention. Through live one-on-one conversations, our team of experienced interviewers can shed light on recurring problems that have unnoticeably affected efficiency in the workplace. With respect, discretion, and persistence, we draw clear, detailed answers from departing employees that can contribute to an accurate assessment of a team, branch, or organization.

Too often, organizations use boilerplate, online exit interviews to avoid the personal attention required to get an accurate portrait of a departing employee’s experience. Without skillful execution and queries tailored to an organization’s unique workplace, however, thematic problems and strengths remain invisible, and the exit interview becomes a mere formality with little or no impact. By partnering with leadership to develop interviews that are directly pertinent to your organization, industry, and workforce, we can discover more productive, relevant opportunities for organizational growth reflected through the departing employee’s experiences.

And we go much further than just amassing data through interviews. TGC develops comprehensive reports on a regular basis that compile and assimilate interview data, refining this information into vivid synopses that illuminate problems, underscore strengths, and guide leaders toward effective solutions and accelerated growth. From beginning to end of this process, TGC treats the departing employee as a valuable resource, an opportunity to focus a sharp lens on the well-being of your workplace.