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2017 has been a remarkable year for us thus far, and shows no signs of slowing down.  We’ve done leadership training and team building globally, including in the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and extensively throughout the United States.  Our own work, and the work we do in concert with our key partners (Alliance Leadership, Ask For It, Lehman Coaching, [...]

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Toxicity and Genuine Kindness

A capacity for doubt and self-reflection among leaders in an organization is not an over-indulgent exercise that distracts from a company’s bottom line. Individually, the top workers in a business may out-perform their colleagues in productivity and leadership, but with personal ambition often comes a competitive disregard for the well-being of other employees. Star workers who find themselves in leadership [...]

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Teams, Individuals, and the Engagement Survey

Teams have long replaced hierarchical departments in successful organizations. Today, team schematics rarely follow a top-down structure that resembles a rigidly formal chart of a static family tree. Instead, they interconnect and shift according to need, like highly charged particles orbiting a company mission. They are receptive to feedback, responsive to change, and transparent to those outside the team. “Department” [...]

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